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American Pitbull Terrier And Bull Terrier (Red Nose & Blue Nose)

all puppies are 100% disease free and come with a one year health guarantee




Our professional breeding centre ensures a quality pedigree and loving care for our dogs. Our main goal is to produce characters with extraordinary morphological features, healthy, with a well balanced mild character and an elegant and distinctive bearing in order to generate the most beautiful Pitbull ever seen up till now!

Our puppies are always in compliance to the American Pitbull Terrier roots and most of all to the UKC reference standard. We will follow the puppy’s pathway even after it had been sold, we will instruct you on the required feeding, on their daily physical training and will provide precious advice on their upkeep and  on their education .

If you have any question or if you would like to know more  please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you as well as for them!

We invite you to visit directly our structure, but if its not possible we are ready to send the puppy over to you, with appropriate and authorized shipments.

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Our puppies like to socialize with other pet animals and also have outstanding personalities towards individuals. Our main aim is not only to produce Pitbull and Bull Terrier puppies who have the appropriate sizes but they also should have the wow factor. Our Pitbull and Bull Terrier puppies for sale both have perfect weight, they are neither too thin nor too fat. We train our puppies in such a way that they are neither too lazy nor hyper. They like to play with balls, hike but they also take naps and relax at proper time around the family.

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Choose the best quality Pitbull puppies 

Getting to Know Pitbulls

Most pit bulls are fun-loving companions, gentle and patient with all their family members (with the very likely exception of other pit bulls). As with all breeds, there are exceptions.


Pitbulls were bred to be courageous and game, to continue whatever they are doing in the face of adversity. These qualities make them stubborn, tenacious and fearless. As with any large dog, pit bulls should be supervised when with children.

Life with a pit bull is always an adventure. These are fun-loving dogs that are always up for a game. They must have a vigorous exercise period every day. Although they are tough dogs, they are not cold weather dogs and should be shielded from the elements.

Pit bulls should be obedience trained because it is a good bonding activity. Because they are very often not good with other dogs, they should be kept on a leash when around them.